Friday, January 16, 2015

Late season deer hunting

It has been a long time since I have been in the wood hunting since I retired early, having a kid in college, signing up for college myself and starting a new career. I have been busy!

This year started off like the last three, to much work and not enough time to hunt. I met a man that had a 30 acre piece of urban property and he invited me to hunt several time this year.
The best time was in November and the bucks were chasing does! I saw several good bucks and two shooters for sure.
I ventured out on one of the first cold days of the year and sat in a tower blind. I patiently waited until shooting light and sure enough I had a few young deer come into the area, followed by some bigger does and then the bucks came.
The small spike came in first, followed by a small four pointer. A few minutes later here comes a 8-pointer. I set my sights on him and thought he would be a good one to arrow. I felt like I was new to bowhunting again since it has been three years since my last kill.
I decided to wait a little longer when a BIG 10 point came in. I focused on him but, he was focused on the ladies. That buck chased the does the whole time he was in the area. Eventually, he turned is attention to the 8 pointer and decided it was time to fight. I think more out of frustration than anything else.
The bigger buck squared off and the two locked up and was tearing the ground up!
About 2 minutes went by until the 8 pointer decided to move on. Well, so did the 10 pointer as well.
For the first sit in 3 years I had a great time, even though I was not able to score on a big buck.

I was off mid week during the late season doe and spike season we have here in Texas and I was able to make my way out to the small property again.
I figured I would get there about 45 minutes before legal shooting time, get settled in and let things calm down. After spraying down with some Tink's Odor Elimination spray and a little Acorn Cover Scent I headed to the blind. Well, as I approached the tower stand the deer were already there. I just made a big loop around them and worked my way to the stand. The deer ran off and in no time they were back. As I was getting settled in they acted as if I was not there. I tried to be quiet but, that didn't happen as planned. Finally, I was nestled in and in just a few minutes deer appeared once again.

The sun was up and I could clearly see the deer feeding on acorns and grazing 18 yards in front of me. The deer were young and I debated whether to arrow one or not.
After a few minutes I decided to take the young doe. I watched her and removed my arrow from my Kwikee Kwiver and knocked it to the string. The deer stood broadside at about 18 yards away and relaxed. I quietly stood up and locked my Tru-Fire Edge 4 finger release release to the string loop of my Mathews MQ1. I took a deep breath and drew my bow and anchored. Everything felt good at this point. I looked through my peep and put the single pin of my HHA Sports Optimizer sight at the right elbow of the deer. I slowly pressed the release and my Winner's Choice string slammed forward turning on the Nocturnal nock and pushing a Carbon Express PileDriver arrow tipped with a BuzzCut broadhead from Magnus Broadheads toward the spot I had placed the green pin.  

The Nockturnal Lighted Nock was on and I could clearly see my arrow heading for its mark. As the arrow made a distinctive thud the lighted nock disappeared into her chest. TWACK!
The deer ran and the arrow made it comply through her chest. There was no doubt it was a PERFECT shot!

The BuzzCut cut a hole clean through her ribs and her shoulder on the opposite side. The broadhead did an excellent job in deflating both lungs as well as putting a good nick in the heart. The holes release blood as if you poured it from a bucket leaving a blood trail anyone could follow.

As the deer vacated the area with the utmost urgency she headed for the stock tank! I saw her run and eventually jump straight into the water. The temperature was 35 degrees and it has been in the 30s for over a week. I'm thinking that water is too cold to get in for a deer but, as soon as I thought it she ran right out of the water and ran another 30 yards before stopping and falling down.

I was pretty pumped up for having the change to shoot a deer this year. After the shot I developed the shakes came to me as did remorse for taking her life. I gave thanks to our Creator for allowing me to kill the deer and providing food for my family. I retrieved my game, tagged it and loaded her up in the truck.