Friday, January 20, 2012

After the Hunting Season Ends: What Can We Do?

Now that the deer season is over what is on the agenda for things to hunt or to do for that matter.

Well, now is the time to look at finding a place to hunt a hog or two, maybe some squirrel or rabbit hunting, 3-D archery tournaments, fishing, or camping out.

There are many great places through out Texas that you can hunt hogs. One of the outfitters we have used, Stretch A String Outfitters, is located in East Texas (Bullard, TX) and offers a great location and accommodations to hunt hogs.

How about public land for some hog, squirrel or rabbits? Texas has many locations where people can hunt feral hogs, and small game animals through out the year (except during special drawing hunts). All it takes it to purchase a Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH) for $48 dollars from the Texas Parks and Wildlife or local retail store, like Academy Sports and Outdoors, where hunting licenses are sold. Once you buy the Annual Public Hunting Permit you will receive, in the mail, a booklet that contains all the locations that you will be allowed to hunt feral hogs and small game.

Let's talk 3-D archery tournaments. Don't let the word tournament deter you from going out and shooting some foam! There are many different levels or classes that you can enter where you will be shooting with folks in your experience range. This is a great way to keeping honed or fine tuning your archery skills by attending some family oriented 3-D shoots. Bring your kids and spouse with you, win a trophy, have some fun!
We are members of Austin Archery Club, located in Austin, TX and would like to invite each of you to come shoot with us.Our monthly schedule of 3-D shoots are located on the Austin Archery Club's events page.
If your interested in more places to shoot some 3-D targets, Hill Country Bowhunters is another local archery club. Kerrville Archery and Bowhunters Association is not to far of a drive from the Austin area to attend a
3-D shoot as well. There you will be able to meet Tink Nathan the creator of Tink's 69 buck lures.
Looking for indoor range just to fling some arrows visit our friends at Double G Archery  (Georgetown, TX) not only is there an indoor range but Double G Archery is a full blown archery shop as well.

How about camping or hiking, visiting historical site, or even bird watching? Texas is host of thousand of acres in state parks, historic sites, state natural area, hatcheries, lakes and rivers for everyone to enjoy. Just visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife's website to find a state park close to you or close to where you will be traveling and visit one of Texas's State Park.

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